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I am, Gabriel Tiedt Lange, a comic book artist and world builder based in Denmark. I am currently taking a bachelor degree in Graphic Storytelling on The Animation Workshop.

I am good at telling stories through the worlds that I develop and when I make a story the characters are always lead and shaped by the world they live in. I am good at working in a team and fit for working as visual developer on animation or computer games and comics.

My hobbies are, comics, movies, games, cooking and I love studying history and politics.

In spring of 2021 I am going on internship, so this website is also my portfolio for potential companies.

Besides my education at Graphic Storytelling I am currently teaching an art class at a school for kids.

Skill list

Comic art/Sequential storytelling
Character design
Background design
Self publishing
Teaching – Drawing/comics/croquiz/mentoring

Education and experience

2017-2020: Teaching drawing and studying Graphic Storytelling
2015-2016: Teaching animation in CPH
2013-2016: Visual HF an education at The Animation Workshop


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